Friday, 9 April 2010

Andy Cameron

Ally's Tartan Army/I Want To Be A Punk Rocker (Klub Records KLUB03) 1977

Scottish comedian Andy Cameron released this tribute to Scotland's football team which had qualified for the 1978 World Cup, with a B side comment on the current punk craze.

Sound clip:-

The Duggie Briggs Band

Punk Rockin' Granny!/I'm A Flasher (It Records IT3) 1978

Belfast, February 78. This one made it to the Hitsville UK Blog too, as it didn't make the website due to space limitations. Bizarre Punk Parody from Northern Ireland on the now highly collectable It Records label.

Sound clip:-

Robin Tyner & The Hot Rods

Till The Night Is Gone/Flipside Rock (Island WIP6418) 1977

Canvey Island, December 77. This one should really have made the Hitsville grid, but I ran out of space. Another guest appearance on the new 'scene', albeit once again, like Spedding and The Vibrators, a collaboration with the more Pub Rock end of the punk spectrum. Rob Tyner was vocalist with US late hippie agit-prop rockers the MC5.

Sound clip:-

Chris Spedding & The Vibrators

Pogo Dancing/The Pose (RAK RAK246) 1976

Another early cash-in on the punk 'craze', this came out in November 76. Featuring The Vibrators as backing band, with session musician/famous muso Spedding on vocals and guitar. Spedding had previously played on a variety of successful recordings by the likes of Roxy Music and John Cale, and had a solo hit in 1975 with Motorbikin'. By this time, he had also produced early demos by the Sex Pistols and become interested in the newly evolving punk scene. Interestingly, this was released in the same month as the debut single by The Vibrators, We Vibrate.

Sound clip:-

Water Pistols

Gimme That Punk Junk/Soft Punk (State STAT38) 1976

A very early Punk Parody, this came out in November 1976. There was a very limited picture sleeve apparently, but I've not found a copy yet. It's interesting to note that many of the early punk comedy/parody/piss-take singles came in company sleeves or in plain white bags, missing the trick of the new marketing era for punk picture sleeves and collectables.

Sound clip:-

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Going Out Wiva Punk/Polythene (Pye/Response SR511) 1977

Early punk cash-in for the Christmas market, released December 77. Great single, could have been a hit in the Jilted John style of things. Pye never did get too involved in punk, though they did sign the fantastic Cyanide.

Sound clip:-

Kevin Short & His Privates

Punk Strut/Short Cut (EMI INT574) 1978

Ok let's get the ball rolling with some prime comedy punk. This single was released in December 1978, a little late for the Punk Parody bandwagon, and it sank without trace... Still an enjoyable bit of daft pseudo-punk with fake Cockney accents.

Sound clip:-

Friday, 29 January 2010

Welcome to Punkertainment

Welcome to Punkertainment, the sister blog to the Hitsville UK blog.

This site will feature the great and the good, the bizarre and the wonderful, music which doesn't quite fit into the punkinthefarawaytowns or the hitsvilleuk realm.

Ok, have sorted the sound clips and we're ready to roll. If you have found your way here via the site, then you should already be aware of the range of material featured there, and also the linked site where you can play with the interactive matrix to see and hear sound clips from around 1500 UK punk singles from the period 1976 to 1984.

If you want to see or hear more, get in touch via the contact link on the hitsville website, or post a comment on this blog.